Configuration Profile Reference Changelog

April 25, 2018

Apple’s Configuration Profile Reference is the only vendor documentation for the native configuration profile payload keys available. But the revision history gives no information on what was added, updated or removed.

To address this problem I’ve made a project available on GitHub where I scrape the Configuration Profile Reference and convert it to markdown. And through the magic of the Internet Archive I was able to get most iterations of the site from late 2016 up until now.

How should I use it?

If you just want to read the site in markdown you can browse the markdown folder here.

(The file contains all payloads combined, just like the official site).

If you’re interested in all changes between subsequent document versions of the site you can view each commit starting with Document Version: in the commit section here

If you want to find out when a particular payload type was updated, you go to it’s markdown file, for example: Loginwindow Payload. On that page, click the History button at the top of the page contents to see all document versions in which this payload was modified.

Unofficial Release Notes

I plan on compiling some unofficial release notes for future updates to the site to make it easier to see what has changed insted of clicking around in the diffs.

I will post them on this blog and on my twitter.

This work was also an important step to help my other project ProfileCreator stay up to date.