Profile Creator (Beta 1)

June 28, 2018

In 2015 I started a project to make it easier to create configuration profiles. The current solutions were (and still are) poor and missing a lot of basic features.

I made a POC that did exactly what I needed and continued to write the app in Objective-C. Unfortunately, personal reasons caused me to drop everything until January this year when I picked up where I left off. In my time away, Swift had risen a lot among Apple developers, so to make this application better suited for the future (and open the door to more admins who wanted to contribute) I decided to rewrite the application in Swift.

Now the application is ready for a first Beta.

Download it here: Profile Creator Releases


The primary goal of the beta is testing stability and the core of the application: creating, editing and exporting profiles.

In this version, you can only add keys and payloads from the pre-defined payload manifests. I’ve included most macOS payloads, two preference domains and three well-known Open Source applications whose preferences are preferred to be delivered as profiles:

  • Munki
  • NoMad
  • NoMad Login

On export, you can sign your profile with a signing certificate from the login keychain.

Planned Features

There are many features I would like to add, here is a small subset in no particular order:

  • Import existing profiles
  • Show configuration errors
  • Merge/Split profiles
  • Custom payloads
  • Custom keys in any payload
  • Read preferences on disk and save as profile (like mcxToProfile but with a GUI).
  • Allow a custom path for the main window groups (where the profile setting files are saved).
  • Read/Update/Add/Sync profiles to an MDM using their APIs.


If you decide to try the application and have feedback (it can be anything from language, the user interface to code). Please open an issue on the project GitHub: Profile Creator Issues.

You can also join the #profilecreator channel on the MacAdmins Slack to ask questions or discuss a feature.